Dr. Marco Hahn
Dr. Hahn Hahn

Born in Toronto in 1962, he studied Medicine in Innsbruck and Vienna. In 1989 he completed his academic training in dentistry in Bonn. In that same year he got his doctor`s degree and entered the working world.

The years between 1989 – 1992 were a period of intensive and continued training, participating in numerous workshops, seminars and conferences with well-known participants at an international level.

He was specially interested in the field of Esthetic Dentistry, a specialization that, originating from the United States, was becoming known in Europe.

During this period of time he carried out the first training courses in implants, where he acquired wide knowledge on the techniques of this specialization.

What should be highlighted is his participation in dental and periodontal surgery directed and given by specialists as renowned as Wachtel, Hürzeler, Jovanovic, Bolz, Bayer, Hartmann and Wolf, to name only a few.

Team Dr. Hahn
  The period of training in Biological Dentistry, of a two-year duration, at the Clinic of Dr.Lechner in Munich had a decisive influence on him. Here he had the opportunity of carrying out practices and gather experiences with alternative methods of diagnosis and treatment.

It was then that he eliminated completely in his therapeutic repertoire amalgam as a filling material, and started to study in depth the tolerance of dental materials and the organic interactions between dental pieces and the rest of the organism.

In 1993 he set up his own consultancy in the centre of Munich. He acquired wide experience in the use of dental laser in periodontics and endodontics, plus the preparation of cavities by using kinetic energy. In 1999 he settled down to Altea, on the Costa Blanca.

Here he continued developing new acquired techniques during his training years and professional exercise in Munich, and the techniques with galvanization and the use of CAD/CAM in milling work to fit in full-ceramic prosthesis.
His professional activity has been specially focused on the field of prosthodontics, using innovative materials and techniques and the application of surgical procedures in implants and periodontics.