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I love my teeth!

Imagine your child having no caries...

no root canal treatments

no dental forceps....

Far from being a dream, this is possible today.

Normally, germs produced by caries are transmitted from mother to child. We have means of preventing this:

By applying a special dental varnish to the mother`s teeth, we can inactivate the Streptococcus mutans for a number of months. If this bacteria is not nurtured in the child in his first year of life, it does not find an ecological nook. This means that your child will never have germs which produce caries!

This treatment is totally inoffensive and has no side effects, both for the mother as well as for the future child. You now have the chance to offer your child (unborn) a life with no caries. Come and see us before your child is born. We will be delighted to give you information.

Sealing fissures

The young tooth is particularly prone to caries: the dental surface hardens with time. This process can be accelerated by applying a fluoride varnish. The fluoride acts only on the tooth, which eliminates the risk of systemic side effects.

Sometimes the dental surface is so irregular, that the bacteria can nest, like in a small cave, where it is practically impossible to get to by brushing. To even out the surface of the tooth, we seal the fissures.

General treatments

Naturally, we also do fillings for children. However, sometimes it is too late and the milk tooth has to be extracted. We are more concerned about saving the permanent teeth. So, whenever necessary, we extract the milk tooth to protect the future permanent ones. With a spacer we leave the gap of the extracted tooth, open. In this way costly orthodontic treatments can be avoided later.

What therapy is the best for your child is something that can only be decided by us here, at the consultancy.