Dr. Marco Hahn



  • Do you brush your teeth every day? Good.
  • Do you regularly use dental floss or inter-dental brushes? Even better.
  • You feel good having teeth well-cared for. We can help you to keep it this way:

Primery prophylaxis

Caries is produced by bacteria, especially by Streptococcus mutans. The absence of these bacteria stops caries appearing. By applying a special varnish we can reduce the presence of S. mutans and thus prevent these bacteria from producing new caries.

Professional dental cleaning

Relax in your seat: our qualified specialists in dental hygiene will carry out a professional dental cleaning. This is wellness for your teeth – in a matter of 30 minutes you and your teeth will feel brand-new again.

Prophylactic products

Each person’s teeth are of different nature – that is why not any brush is adequate. We offer you special toothbrushes, with which you can get to every corner of your mouth in order to apply correct hygiene. Whether electric or manual, you will experience a pleasant clean sensation with our brushes.

Did you know that the toothpaste you use is as important as the brushing itself? Our products for mouth hygiene are specially efficient against caries and periodontal disease – a large number of scientific studies confirm this. We will gladly advise you personally on the most adequate product in your particular case.