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beautiful teeth

All patients must have had at some time more or less beautiful teeth. A beautiful set of teeth is synonymous of youth, strength and power.

However, as we do not always pay the right attention to our teeth, over the years they deteriorate. The result is the presence of huge fillings and missing teeth. It is in your hands to change this situation!

A beautiful set of teeth improves the personal appearance and contributes towards general health. The kind and way of ingesting food has a decisive bearing on your health: distinguishing flavors is much more intense with a functional set of teeth, and adequate chewing of food helps digestion and contributes to the general state of health. Each dental unit is part of a complex system. To help teeth carry out their multiple functions, it is necessary to have them as complete as possible.

Crowns / bridges            Crowns / bridges

Crowns / bridges   Crowns / bridges

Crowns / bridges

Small cavities and dental units partially deteriorated can be fixed with crowns and bridges. We make dental prosthesis with a ceramic coating in our own laboratory. This allows us to consult the technician directly about the best solution for each individual case. If the patient preferes to have metal-free prosthesis – undoubtedly the best solution esthetically for front teeth, we can provide him with various options.

  Partial dentures

When several teeth are missing and/or existing ones do not permit any other solution, we have to install a partial denture. We have all kinds of partial dentures (fixed and removable ones ), from the simplest with steel clips to telescopic prosthesis. By using galvanic production means (electrical separation of gold) allows us maximum precision. With the exception of prosthesis with a clip, partial prosthesis are as esthetic as fixed false teeth. However, if you prefer a fixed prosthesis, there still is the possibility of creating necessary support by implants in most cases. (consult corresponding section).


Partial dentures         Partial dentures
Full denture



Full denture

There is absolutely no need for it to be apparent that you are the bearer of “third” teeth. A prosthesis which fits perfectly and fulfills all functions is very important. Allowing you to chew and grind all food appropriately is only one of the functions of a prosthesis. The way you talk and the appearance is equally important. By inserting a few implants, if necessary, the prosthesis will fit much better.

Prosthesis should be relined and adjusted periodically: the jaw-ridge changes little by little, and in the course of time the prosthesis does not fit perfectly any more. With the relining the prosthesis becomes as good as new. To enable you to remain without your denture no longer than absolutely necessary, we have an express service: you bring in your prosthesis in the morning, and you can collect it at midday. The prosthesis can also be refitted with soft materials which assure maximum comfort.



Many patients have only one dental unit missing – but to have a bridge fitted, the healthy adjacent teeth have to be touched. With an implant you avoid damaging these healthy teeth! And all this, at a reasonable price.....

Implants allow you to regain a better quality of life. You may freely choose between various solutions.

We will gladly assess you on your particular case.