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for beautiful and healthy teeth

»Your smile is our passion«

Everyone finds a beautiful smile extremely attractive, but only a few really know that new fillings, veneers or crowns are often not enough. White aesthetics” also includes “pink aesthetics”, that of the gums. We do everything we can to ensure that both are harmoniously accentuated again!

Professional tooth cleaning, possibly combined with bleaching, can often work wonders.

Beauty doesn’t just come from within.

We´ll make your dream of beautiful teeth come true, here on the wonderful Costa Blanca!

Your health

is in good hands with us

“Mens sana in corpore sano“ the ancient Romans already knew. Since the teeth as organs are connected to the whole body and can possibly burden it with infections, this holistic approach is very important in our clinic.


Precision up to
down to the last detail

The digitalisation of the dental practice means that working processes can be carried out faster and more precisely, for the benefit of the patient.

Digital X-Ray/CT reduces radiation exposure and increases information content
3D Scanners accelerate working processes and increase precision
X-Guide 3D navigated implantation  increases safety, reduces patient risk and accelerates the process

Patient testimonies

“A friend recommended me to Dr. Hahn as a dental implant expert and I wasn’t disappointed. From the very first moment, I was very well advised and felt super comfortable. The NobelGuide procedure was used for the complete restoration of my teeth, everything went smoothly and painlessly and the result was really beautiful. What an improvement in the quality of life! Many thanks to Dr. Hahn and his wonderful team for the optimal treatment in a pleasant atmosphere”.
Willi K.
“I had already made extensive use of Dr. Hahn’s services a few years ago and was fully satisfied with them. For this reason, Dr. Hahn again gave me detailed and competent advice on the replacement of the anterior upper and lower teeth with all-ceramic crowns (a total of 17). I found the cost estimate correct. The work was carried out in four sessions. I am a very critical patient. But where there is really nothing to complain about, I gladly give the maximum grade 5. I particularly appreciated that personal wishes were optimally considered. I am very, very satisfied with the performance of Dr. Hahn, the dental technician Mr. Gregor Reif and the whole team in every respect”.
Hans Ruedi K.
“I quickly received a treatment suggestion for an extensive renovation. This was explained to me and the advantages and disadvantages of treatment alternatives were shown in detail. The course of treatment was carefully planned, so that only a few sessions were necessary, although implant restorations also had to be fabricated. Dr. Hahn’s working method is impressive: despite root canal treatments, placement of pins and implants, amalgam restoration, etc., the pain was hardly felt during the treatment. After each treatment I was able to have a meal one hour later without any problems, there was no pain, there were no complications. During each session, he worked in different areas, which also had a relieving effect. The assisting staff was well managed and worked very well. A good dental technician was directly in the house, which is especially appreciated. The administration is flexible, friendly, competent and multilingual. Dr. Hahn, whom I had not known, was warmly recommended to me and I would like to pass this recommendation on.”
Peter S.
“In the last three months, we were in treatment with Dr. Hahn for crowning and an implant. The new crown was inserted perfectly in only two sessions and the substructure was also implanted completely painlessly in quite a short time. We are both very satisfied with the results and would, therefore, like to recommend Dr. Hahn and his team in good conscience. Of course, we will continue to visit this practice for our own dental treatments in the future.”
Werner und Heidi V.
“Comprehensive clarification and analysis of the existing problems before treatment. This took place in a top hygienic treatment room with 1a medical equipment. Dr. Hahn is a very pleasant and competent doctor to whom I will gladly come again. I felt that I was in very good hands, from the entire team of registration multilingual to the dental assistant, and I recommend Dr. Hahn’s practice unreservedly”.
Gudrun S.



Routine examination to diagnose caries, diseases of the periodontium and oral cavity. Of course, we use the latest technology such as magnifying glasses, special optics (Diagnocam), 3D-Dentascan and digital radiology.

Professional tooth cleaning

Experienced dental hygienists will look after you thoroughly and gently in order to remove unattractive and harmful soft and hard plaque from your teeth and dental prosthesis. We recommend at least 2 visits per year to avoid further damage.

Dental prosthesis

If tooth preservation is no longer possible or useful, we have proven concepts for many years to restore your chewing function! The primary goal is a fixed prosthesis anchored on teeth and/or implants.

Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry

Our spectrum ranges from micro-invasive composite filling techniques to root treatments with Hi-Tec equipment from Germany and Switzerland to metal-free, all-ceramic restorations such as veneers, inlays, crowns, and bridges. We try to preserve your teeth!

Gum treatment

Gum bleeding, (gingivitis), pocket formation, gum, and bone atrophy, as well as bad breath (periodontitis), are reliably stopped.


Cautious methods bring back a beautiful and fresh smile. Let us advise you on the best way to achieve a good result.


If teeth are missing, they can generally be replaced by implants, provided there is sufficient bone to anchor them. Dr. Hahn has placed several thousand implants in more than 25 years! Put your trust in this know-how! State-of-the-art technology, such as the 3D computer-navigated implantation “X-Guide”, introduced from the USA and practiced for the first time on the Costa Blanca, combined with first-class products from renowned manufacturers in Switzerland and Germany, will soon make you bite hard again! The latest innovation are ceramic implants (Nobel Pearl), that allow a complete metalfree restoration. Very useful when having allergy problems!


All dental surgical procedures, such as abscess openings, extractions, wisdom tooth removal, apical root resection, periodontal surgery and pre-prosthetic procedures (vestibular flap surgery, clinical crown extension, plastic coverage of exposed tooth necks, etc.), bone regeneration including the maxillary sinuses, just to name a few. Here, too, it is good to know that you can rely on Dr.Hahn’s many years of experience!

Dental laboratory

As a special advantage, we would like to emphasize that our practice is equipped with its own large and modern dental laboratory. Repairs and underlining of dentures can usually be done on the same day. Our ceramics specialist from Vienna puts an irresistible smile on your face!

Clinica Dental Cap Negret
Dr. med. Dent. Marco Hahn

Edificio Costa Bella 17

03590 Altea (Alicante) Spain

Phone. +34 96 584 39 21


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